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Eight Day “Borneo Orangutan and Bali Culture Adventure Photography Tour and Workshop”

When: November 2016 TBA

Where: Bali and Borneo

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Join experienced adventurous professional travel photographer Mark Rayner and Dave ‘Dayak’ Metcalf on a photographic adventure of a lifetime.

You will have the opportunity to photograph a variety of wildlife in the Borneo jungle including a visit to a private island to see the orangutans by special arrangement, take a three day houseboat trip and cruise up the river visiting Dayak villages, enjoy a special performance of Dayak music and dance and photograph the stunning sunsets in the wetlands as the native hornbills sweep across the sky.
This will be the ultimate travel odyssey and a wonderful opportunity to improve your photography skills under the experienced and watchful eye of professional photographer and tutor, Mark Rayner.
There are very few photography tours that offer this type of variety and one-on-one tutoring time. The group size is small (maximum 10 participants) and will fill very quickly.
In Bali, we will capture the first light on the volcanoes, experience the color and vibrancy of over 100 Balinese dancers and gamelan players who perform exclusively for our group in an ancient village near Ubud.
We will capture the colourful birdlife of Indonesia and the cheeky, playful long-tailed macaque monkeys, travel back in time to West Bali to see the colorful Bugis boats sail into the harbor with their morning catch, photograph the unique and exhilarating Negara buffalo races in the rice fields, catch beautiful sunsets over the Indian Ocean, visit ancient timeless temples and photograph dramatic verdant green terraced rice fields.
This tour will also allow you the opportunity to learn from these ancient cultures as we have very personal contact with the friendly, welcoming locals.

Itinerary and Program of Events

Day One

The tour begins at the beautiful Puri Sunia Resort, 10 minutes from Ubud in the hills of Bali. Our group will gather at 4 pm for introductions and a detailed description of what is front of us over the next few days.

Mark will provide photography tips and discuss camera settings looking at specific requirements for each participant.

Day Two

The first day of photography begins in spectacular fashion with a sunrise shoot from the rice fields at the base of Mount Agung the highest and most active volcano on the Island.

Then on to the ancient World Heritage Listed Guning Kawi (a beautiful temple) to catch the soft sun rays as they brighten up the rich green terraced rice fields unique to this area. This is one of the most photogenic places in Bali and early in the morning we will have this place all to ourselves. You will be able to wander freely taking in the beautiful, peaceful energy of this unique place.

As well as photogenic idyllic Bali rice fields, there is a huge temple built into the rock face, and an ancient historic temple surrounded by huge Banyan trees. We will also look at techniques on photographing the swift flowing holy waters of the Pakerisan river that flows through this valley.

But that’s not all - on this very special morning, as we will stop for coffee and a re-charge and move on to photograph the changing light patterns and rice farmers in the famous terraced rice fields of Teggaglung.

We then head back to Puri Sunia Resort for some rest and downloading of the many photos you will have from this morning’s session before we re-group and head off to one of the many highlights of the tour - a special dance and music performance (performed just for our group) at the historic Patemon Village.
There will be more than 100 performers performing just for us. This is not a commercial event but by private arrangement, with the support of the local village.

This unique performance starts at 4 pm when the light is just right, and you will witness performers from the local village dance traditional Balinese dance such as the Barong and Legong dance, to the ancient sounds of the gamelan as the men and woman from the village play this instrument with expert precision and passion. As night falls the young boys from the village perform the Kecak (fire dance) and another amazing photo opportunity presents itself for you.

After this we dine under the stars and sample the wonderful cooking of Wayan (an amazing chef), as we feast on traditional Balinese food, under a Banyan tree in front of the ancient temple.

This is a day that will surely live in your memory forever.

Day Three

We begin early visiting one of the holiest temples in Bali, Tirta Empal and the famous holy water where many Hindu devotees come to bathe. The tripods will be in over-drive as we learn how to capture water and people movement all in the one motion.

There will be lots of “firsts” as animal life is in abundance on this trip. We will capture the monkeys at the famous Monkey Forest in Ubud, followed by a visit to the Bird Park, which presents a fantastic opportunity to photograph some of the unusual, beautiful and colourful bird life unique to Indonesia.

After lunch we head west to one of the least visited, but possibly the most interesting areas of Bali – Negara.

We will stop on the way to catch a sunset over the Indian Ocean from a temple high above the ocean. Around 7pm we will check into our hotel for the night, followed by dinner and rest for an early start the next morning.
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Day Four

We rise early to photograph the early morning light dancing on the colourful Bugis fishing boats as they come in with their seafood catch from the previous night. This is a great opportunity for people photography and of course the unusual boats which are found only in this area of Bali.

Back to the hotel for breakfast and then to catch the Buffalo Races. Buffalo’s galloping through the rice fields! This was one of the most popular mornings on our last photo safari and some spectacular images were taken. This is very unique. 'Buffalo Master' Mark will, of course, provide his very special first hand knowledge on the best way to photograph this incredible spectacle.

After lunch we check out from the hotel and head to Sanur where we relax, have dinner on the beach and have a review and processing session with Mark with our recent shots taken.

Day Five

The day starts as we photograph Mt Agung from the beach at Sanur, right in front of the Segara Village Hotel where we stay. The sunrise with Agung looming over the water in the distance is an iconic Bali image. After breakfast we head north to the third largest island in the world – Borneo, also home to the Orangutans and one of the worlds most fascinating cultures, the Dayaks of Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).

Flight time from Bali is just 2.5 hours to Palangkaraya, Kalimantan with one short stop en-route in Java. We will arrive early afternoon and straight away board the houseboats for our three-day cruise up the river.

That afternoon, early evening we will witness village life on the river as we photograph how people live on the waterways, followed by dinner on the boat and a relaxing cruise up the river taking in the sunset over the river.

Day Six

The excitement builds as, today, we get our first opportunity to photograph the Orangutans in the wild.

We will also visit a traditional Dayak village and will be treated to some traditional dancing from the young children and observe age-old weaving techniques from some of the elders.

At sunset we will cruise the waterways on small boats observing unique birdlife and capturing the amazing cloud formations and reflections in this ancient land.

Day Seven

Today will be a wonderful way to finish this amazing journey as we photograph Orangutans before breakfast, and then make our way to an island in the river where we have special access to eat dinner in a unique setting.

Tonight we dine under the stars on the island and we will witness a night of Dayak dancing, music and ancient Dayak rituals before returning to our beds on the houseboats for the night.

Day Eight

After breakfast and a leisurely cruise back to Palangkaraya, we leave for the airport and our flight back to Bali in the early evening.

The workshop officially ends as we arrive in Bali.

Some may wish to stay on in Bali on an extended holiday as others board their flights home.

If you are planning to stay on please ensure to discuss with Dave as he can assist with contacts and special rates.
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Photographic Prerequisites:

This amazing photography tour workshop is designed to suit the beginner or serious enthusiast. A digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera is recommended, however, any camera that has manual functions would also be suitable. Best lenses to bring include a longer zoom and wide angled lens (and macro lens if you own one). A sturdy tripod is essential, especially for our landscape and macro photography sessions.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

• Landscape
• Wildlife
• Sunrise/sunsets
• Portrait
• Ancient temple ruins etc
• HDR techniques
• Composition
• Lighting (natural/flash/reflectors etc)
• Exposure and metering techniques
• Filters
• Streamlining your digital workflow and image post-processing techniques

This amazing tour will fill up quickly, so please contact
Mark to secure your place and register your interest.

Cost for the 8 day tour : Twin Share $ 4400 USD per person

Single $ 4950 USD per person

USD $600.00 per person deposit required to secure your position.

Balance payable 60 days before workshop.

Inclusions :

7 nights accommodation

5 Dinners

5 Lunches

All Breakfasts

Domestic Airfares from Bali to Borneo return

All Ground transport

V.I.P on arrival service in Bali

Dance/Cultural performance in Bali involving 100 + performers

Dance performance by professional Dayak dancers in Palangkaraya

All river transport in Borneo

Domestic airport taxes

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory and remains your responsibility.