Workshop Schedule 2022 - 2023

‘Private Tailored Photography and Post Processing Tuition with Mark Rayner’.
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Tuesday 15 November - Wednesday 30 November 2022
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Thursday 16 to Wednesday 22 February 2023 - NEW RELEASE
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Saturday 20 March - Friday 2 April 2023 - FULLY BOOKED
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Thursday 13 April - Thursday 27 April 2023 Fully Booked
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Sunday 07 May to Wednesday 17 May 2023 Now open for bookings
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Monday 10 July to Saturday 22 July 2023 - Now open for bookings
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Tuesday 25 July to Sunday 6 August 2023 - FULLY BOOKED
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Wednesday 23 August to Tuesday 5 September 2023
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8 September to 17 September 2023 - FULLY BOOKED
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18 September to 27 September 2023 - FULLY BOOKED
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Thursday 11 October to Thursday 25 October 2023 - Now open for bookings
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Friday 16 February - Wednesday 28 February 2024

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