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The Dream Team

Three photographers.

Many, many strengths.

Well over a hundred years’ experience between them. Landscape, Macro, Bird, Wildlife, Street, Travel, People, Astro, Aerial and much, much more.

Would you like to take your photography to the next level?

Learn techniques you didn’t even know existed?

Produce stunning images you’ll be proud to print and hang?

Join the Dream Team as they take you to amazing destinations which make learning photography a magical experience.

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Mark Rayner

Mark is a Fully Accredited AIPP Professional Photographer who lives near the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He has been an avid photographer since his early teens and his enthusiasm and passion for image making now, many years later, is unchanged.
Leading photography workshops and tours throughout Australia and overseas has given Mark the opportunity to teach people in amazing locations allowing them to achieve images they only ever dreamed of.
Mark’s work is as diverse as it is creative including surreal landscapes, wildlife, insects, flora and fauna whilst keeping in touch with people through street, wedding and portrait photography.
A pre-requisite for good imagery these days, Mark is also skilled in digital workflow and post-processing of photos as well as being accomplished in the use of Lightroom and Photoshop.
Mark loves helping people with their photographic pursuits and draws on his vast wealth of accumulated knowledge to ensure you learn what's needed to improve. He will be happy to share his experience with you and bring out the best in your photography, whether you own a simple “Point and Shoot” digital camera or a sophisticated digital SLR.
Please visit Mark's wedding and portrait business website,
Tailored Photography to view more of Mark's photography.
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Pamela Jennings

Pamela is a professional photographer with a focus on landscape and nature photography.   
Join one of her small group photography adventures and she will expertly guide you to those special outback locations with knowledge gained from years of experience in remote guiding and photography.  
Pamela lives in Broome and is surrounded by nature’s bold colours, shapes and patterns which have influenced her photographic passions of Aerial, Long Exposure and Astro photography. Pamela’s images have been highly awarded in professional photography events including the prestigious International Pano Awards. She is a Fully Accredited AIPP Professional Photographer and was awarded the 2017 AIPP Western Australian, Science, Wildlife, Wild Places, Professional Photographer of The Year.

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David Metcalf

David Metcalf, is an indigenous preservation activist, international travel and tour photographer. Living in Indonesia for the past 11 years, he has travelled extensively and intimately across many of its islands whilst operating and tutoring on travel photography and cultural tours. He has traversed the globe to many remote destinations with international travel groups with a particular focus on Asia and the US. 
His work has been published in three books on Bali, Indonesia and Borneo and his photography appears regularly in magazines in Indonesia and Asia.
 Visually stunning, David’s photography captures the very heart and spirit of his subjects.



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